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The art of Super Bowl Betting has nothing to it when it comes to placing your bet, where and which team to bet in is another story. Even though betting is entirely up to you, we do have to say that for Championship games, Super Bowl or not, it does make for one extra exciting feature and bonus for the game day.

Money Line Betting

If you are thinking of indulging in this American past time, you should do your research. Look up stats of the teams playing in the Super Bowl before you make any betting decisions and check out the odds different sportsbooks are offering for different types of bets. One betting option you have is called the Super Bowl Money line betting odds, which is nothing else but a bet on who will straight-out win the Championship game.

Here is an example: New York Jets vs. New England Patriots –

Patriots at -200 with Jets at +120.

Those numbers listed next to the teams are a way to notate the set odds for the game. You will see them at every sportsbook, so you should know how to read them while super bowl betting. The team with the negative sign is the one favored to win. The team with the positive sign is the underdog, the one expected to lose. It makes sense if you understand that the payout for the team everyone expects to win is going to be less than the payout for the team everyone expects to lose. Bigger risk, bigger reward.

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The numbers themselves help you figure out what kind of a payout you are looking at based on the odds. The Patriots at (-200) means you will have to make a bet of at least 200 bucks to get a payout of $100. The Jets, on the other hand at (+120) means that if you place a bet of $100 and they win, you are looking at a payout of $120. This does not mean you have to bet $100, it is just a nice round way of showing you approximately where the teams stand in the betting odds and payouts – easier way to explain in other words. Most online sportsbooks have a calculator that lets you input your specific bet amount and tells you the payout you will get if your team wins. This type of bet has a name; it is called money line bets and usually displayed in the American odds format – as seen already in the example.

The actual stats and odds are based on a number of factors and ultimately decided by the booking agency. They do not vary too much between sportsbooks, but there is enough of a difference to shop around for the best odds you can find on the team you plan on betting for.

Over/Under (Totals) Betting

You can also bet on the Super Bowl Totals (also known as the ‘Over/Under’ betting). The sportsbooks will post an estimated final score (both scores added together), and the bettors simply have to choose whether the final total added score will be over or under the estimated amount by the bookie. The Estimated amount usually has a decimal number in order to always have a win or lose, and no push (which is a return of bets from the sportsbook – hence, ‘no action’ bet). For instance, if the sportsbook has an Over/Under (Total) of 49.5 and the score for the Jets (20) and the Patriots (23) adds up to 43, then if you picked over, you lost the bet, and if you picked under, then you would have won the bet. These totals will have a number next to it, such as above, which will let you know who the favorite and underdog are, as well as how much you will win or need to bet to win ‘x’ amount – the American odds as illustrated before.

There are also Fractional odds and Decimal odds, which you could use or choose to use as your display option if you prefer. These are more common in Europe and not totally necessary for you to know, given that American odds are what you will see point-blank at North American sportsbooks – both US and CA friendly sportsbooks.

Point Spread Betting

Moving forward, there is the Point Spread betting option. Basically you are betting on a possible outcome difference, point difference. For instance, let us say the Point Spread is +4 Jets and -4 Patriots. Again, the negative means they are the favorite, but note: this is just to calculate the winner and not the payment amount. So, if the score is Jets 8 and Patriots 10, and you bet on the Patriots -4, then that means the Patriots had to win by more than 4 points in order for the bettor to win – so you would have lost. If on the other hand you had bet on the Jets +4, then you would have won, since the Patriots did not win by more than 4 points. One way of looking at it is to ask yourself, “by how much does the favorite need to win by?” On the side of these numbers, you will see the American odds, similar to the money line and totals explanations, which are for the winning amounts.

These Super Bowl bets are quite easy after you try it for yourself really. Just make sure to stay within your budget limits, and enjoy the experience.

Teaser Sweetheart Teaser Betting

The teaser bet is another way to play the Super Bowl odds. It is a type of bet that allows you to bet on a few different outcomes at one time. For example, you can place a money line bet, an over/under bet and a point spread bet on any teams and any game—plus, all at once. With the teaser option you can have a set number of points added across the board to increase your chances of winning. The only drawback is that your payout is a lot less than it would be without the teaser added. Teasers are part of a bigger type of bet called parlay bets. Parlay is just a way to describe placing multiple bets on one ticket and paying for them all at once.

Super Bowl Betting can be done online

Use any of these sportsbooks to bet online.

The sweetheart teaser>bet is another type of teaser-parlay bet that lets you pick three or four different teams and types of bets with one of two options. You can either pick three different teams/bets and add a 10 point teaser or you can pick four and add a 13 point teaser. Apart from that, it works just like a straight teaser.

Prop Betting

Finally, prop betting (proposition betting/side bets) is probably some of the most enjoyable Super Bowl Betting – and probably within the most popular bets for the Super Bowl too. A prop bet is any type that does not have to do with the specific outcome of the game. You can make a prop bet on literally anything having to do with Super Bowl Sunday. You can bet that the game will go into overtime. You can bet that a certain celebrity will, or will not attend the game. You can bet someone will propose on the Jumbotron. You can bet that a certain retailer will have a commercial that lasts longer than 30 seconds—and so on and on; you get the idea. A prop bet is a fun way to get non-sports fans involved in the Super Bowl Betting (apart from the half-time show and the commercials) and keep their attention during all of the confusing running around happening on the field.