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2013 Pro Bowl Recap

Published On Feb 3, 2013

Can Watt’s Bloody Pinkie Convince the Commish?

Although many view the Pro Bowl as a meaningless contest sandwiched between the excitement of the NFL Championship games and the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl is an additional opportunity for NFL bettors to fatten their wallets by wagering on various aspects of the game. Each year Sportsbooks set lines on the spread and over/under just as they would any other game. Although the game may not count for much in the standings, the money that can be won from the contest spends the same as that won from any other wager.

History of the Pro Bowl

The first Pro Bowl—at the time called the “Pro All-Star Game”–was played on January 15th, 1939 at Los Angeles’s Wrigley Field. The name wasn’t the only significant difference: unlike the format of today which pits NFC all-stars against AFC all-stars, the original Pro Bowl matched that year’s NFL Champion New York Giants against a cast of all-stars assembled from the rest of the league’s teams. Although initially intended to be an annual contest, the game was abandoned after the 1942 season.

The concept of an NFL all-star game was resurrected in 1950. It was at this time that the league dubbed the game the “Pro Bowl” and switched to the current format of rosters composed of all-stars from the NFL’s two conferences. From 1951-1972, this contest was played annually in Los Angeles, California.

It wasn’t until 1980 that the Pro Bowl was moved to the venue it is now permanently associated with, Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. With the exception of the 2010 game played in Florida, every game since that 1980 season has taken place in Honolulu where it serves as an significant annual source of income for the city. The only substantial change in the game during that period has been its timing; whereas it once occurred at the conclusion of the season after the Super Bowl victor had been decided, the game now takes places the weekend between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl.

Future of the Pro Bowl

As the Pro Bowl is the only all-star game in a major sport to draw lower ratings than its regular season games, recent years have seen increased speculation that the NFL may scrap the game entirely. The lack of fan interest in the game primarily stems from the nonchalant attitude many of the players exhibit. With blitzing and press coverage already disallowed by the revised Pro Bowl rules, defense in the game is at a minimum causing Pro Bowl contests to more often resemble a Harlem Globetrotters exhibition than an actual NFL game. Contact in the game is often nonexistent leading some to compare to the game to flag football or, worse, a pillow fight.

After criticism of the game reached an all-time high in 2012, NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell stated he was “not inclined to play it anymore” unless players approached the game with increased effort and raised the level of competition to something at least approximating that of a regular season game.

The 2013 Pro Bowl was thus arguably the most important Pro Bowl in NFL history as the very existence of the game is at stake.

2013 Pro Bowl

Although the players appeared to give more of an effort last Sunday, the results were similar to past Pro Bowl performances—comically high scoring by both teams combined with video game stat lines for most of the offensive players involved. In a game that was a blowout by the second quarter, the NFC all-stars routed their AFC counterparts in a 62-35 victory. Although the NFC unit already appeared unstoppable on offense, they were helped even further by a sloppy, five turnover performance by the AFC squad. Houston Texan quarterback Matt Schaub was the worst culprit contributing two interceptions.

Second year Minnesota tight end Kyle Rudolph was voted the MVP of the game after he finished with 5 catches for 122 yards and a touchdown. Rudolph is a player NFL bettors should keep an eye on next season as he appears poised for a breakout season which should give the Vikings a much needed weapon on offense alongside likely league MVP Adrian Peterson and often injured wide receiver Percy Harvin.

In terms of quarterback play, nearly every player involved put up gaudy statistics that would make fantasy football players salivate—if only the game counted. Colts rookie Andrew Luck lead all players with 202 passing yards. However, it was in the third quarter that another rookie stole the show as Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson tossed three touchdown passes in a ten minute span. Wilson also did his part to help save the Pro Bowl by refusing to take a sack and risking a scramble numerous times when his pocket collapsed.

Cincinnati Bengal A.J. Green lead the AFC with 7 catches for 119 yards, one of which included a 49 yard TD catch along the right sideline—good for the longest scoring play of the game. Green is another player NFL bettors need to take note of as he projects as a top 5 receiver next season.

The highlight of the game may have been a bit of buffoonery on the part of Houston Texan J.J. Watt. Although Watt will most likely win the defensive player of the year award after finishing with an NFL best 20.5 sacks, the 6′ 5” 300 pound defensive lineman lined up offensively as a split out tight end twice to the delight of the crowd. Later, Watt humorously held up a bloody left pinky finger like some bruised gladiator and even addressed the commissioner: “Hey commish, we’re playing hard!”

Will J.J. Watt’s bloody pinkie be enough to save the Pro Bowl? In an interview, this week, Goodell did note that the level of effort exhibited by both sides seemed to increase. The NFL has said there should be a decision on the future of the all-star game by the time next season’s schedules are released in April. As always, stay tuned to as soon as any news breaks that NFL bettors need to hear, you can be sure you will find it reported here.

Here Comes the HarBowl

Published On Jan 22, 2013

The Ravens and 49ers to meet in Super Bowl XLVII

Baltimore Ravens VS San Francisco 49ers

Just hours after San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh led his team to a thrilling, come from behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons, John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens upset the heavily favored New England Patriots–and thus it was that the stage was set for HarBowl II, a term sure to be milked more than a cow’s udder in the following two weeks. For the first time in Super Bowl history, two brothers will meet as opposing coaches in an NFL championship game when Super Bowl XLVII kicks off on February, 3rd. In fact, it was just two Thanksgivings ago that these very same brothers faced off in what was at the time an NFL regular season first. If the tryptophan didn’t put you to sleep, the Harbaugh brothers initial match up very well may have. Baltimore was victorious in a drowsy 16-6 game utterly dominated by both defenses. But besides the undeniably compelling backdrop of what may be the most televised sibling rivalry in human history, Super Bowl XLVII features plenty of other intriguing story lines.

San Francisco 2012 Season Recap

San Francisco enters the game as one of the more storied franchises in NFL history. Although their last appearance was all the way back in 1994 (a 49-24 mauling over the San Diego Chargers), the franchise nonetheless is now tied for 3rd in NFL history with six Super Bowl Appearances. Even more impressively, the 49ers are 5-0 in their previous Super Bowl appearances. Odds makers expect this undefeated Super Bowl streak to continue as San Francisco opened as 5 points favorites. Expect some significant movement in this line; in fact, on many of our recommended Sportsbooks, the line has already dropped all the way down to 4 points due to early action on the Ravens.

San Francisco’s road to the Super Bowl was paved with victories over the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons. Like their game last week, the 49ers started by digging themselves a significant hole, trailing the Falcons by as many as 17 points at one point. San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick again displayed an unusual poise for a player who still has less than 10 NFL starts under his belt.

In the divisional game against the Packers, Kaepernick recovered from an early pick-6 to Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields—a play that would have rattled many similarly inexperienced players, particularly when it occurred on such a large stage. A similar calmness was evidenced on Sunday’s NFL Championship game. Down 17 on the road in a hostile environment, no one would have been surprised if Kaepernick and the 49ers had cracked under the pressure. Instead, Kaepernick displayed the poise of an NFL veteran, calmly leading his team back one play at a time and all the while continuing to play within the 49er’s original game plan.

The maturity Kaepernick’s displayed the past two weeks should be a serious consideration for all NFL bettors, many of whom may have been wary of betting on a player who is essentially an unproven rookie. Kaepernick’s play throughout the 2013 playoffs has done much to allay these worries. After a record setting performance against the Packers, Kaepernick again finished with a stellar 127.7 QB rating and 233 yards passing. With Harbaugh’s (Jim, that is) ability to design a game plan exploiting his opponent’s weaknesses (for shame Dom Capers!) and Kaepernicks ability to execute said game plan, do not expect lack of experience to be much of a factor.

Ravens 2012 Season Recap

The Baltimore Ravens sole previous Super Bowl visit occurred in 2000, a 34-7 shellacking of the New York Giants. Although 12 years ago, one often dancing constant remains: linebacker Ray Lewis. Forget Adrian Peterson’s sensational comeback story—Ray Lewis may have engineered the greatest comeback story in sports history. Once an alleged double murderer, Lewis has emerged in the media with a quite different, difficult to reconcile the image: the Hall of Famer and fierce, inspirational leader. No story besides the brothers Harbaugh is likely to receive as much attention in the next two weeks as Super Bowl XLVII being the final game of Ray Lewis’s career.

Lewis aside, the spotlight will also shine on Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco. Flacco, once defined by post season failures and the “not good enough to win a Super Bowl” tag, has now vanquished both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in this year’s playoffs. Sunday’s 28-13 victory over the New England Patriots will likely be a career defining performance for Flacco; not only did he beat his nemesis Brady, he outplayed him. Flacco finished 21/36 with 240 yards, 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Brady, whose career was conversely defined by his past playoff successes, continues to see his post season reputation slide. Although he finished with 320 yards, Brady appeared less sharp than Flacco and finished with two costly interceptions.

Once a team with a strong running identity, the Ravens continue to demonstrate to NFL bettors that this year’s offense is a different animal. Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin, the two key pieces to the Ravens revamped passing attack, both proved difficult covers for the New England secondary. Although the 49ers defense is among the best in the league, this is primarily due to a surplus of talent at linebacker, and along the defensive line—if they have a weakness, it is found in the secondary. Smith and Boldin will need to win their individual match ups if the Ravens are going to be able to effectively move the ball.

On the defensive side of the ball, a Ravens defense considered by most to be a shell of its former self did an admirable job shutting down the high powered New England Offense. Although they entered the game having averaged 34.8 points in the regular season, the Ravens defense held the Patriots to a season low 13. This was primarily due to a bend but do not break approach: New England continually moved the ball down field only to be stymied once they got within scoring range. From a faltering unit that may have caused NFL bettors to be nervous, this was a reassuring performance.

Super Bowl XLVII

With so many gripping story lines, Super Bowl XLVII promises to be the most watched–and bet upon–sporting events of the year. As the February 3rd game day draws nearer, stay tuned to for ongoing analysis, commentary and, coming soon, our free Super Bowl betting pick. As always, remember to take advantage of the outstanding Super Bowl offers currently available through our recommended Sportsbooks.


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