The Super Bowl Halftime Show is always the climax when it comes to viewer ratings in the United States, and probably the world (there is no data). As surprising as it sounds, the break between the two halves of the game is far more popular than the game itself.

Since the 90’s the Super Bowl has been breaking record viewership, and in recent years viewership has blown the roof time and time again with the advent of online streaming and more viewing options for the public to watch the game. This popularity has spread worldwide, and although ratings report are not available it is estimated the number surpasses the billion viewers each year.

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In 2014 Bruno Mars set the record with 115 million viewers during his halftime performance. In 2015 Katy Perry blew that number away with 121 million viewers. This 2016, 125 million is the new expected number.

Bruno Mars Super Bowl 48 Halftime Show Performance:

It is not strange that the halftime show has become more popular for the general public than the final game of the NFL season. Americans have proven that they know how to throw a party, the Super Bowl halftime show can be related to the Olympics inaugural event, or the World Cup final closing event. Top national artists are invited to perform for 15 minutes with impressive technical effects, fireworks and dancers.

Kate Perry Super Bowl 49 Halftime Show:

Most of the world knows very little about American football as a sport, but they love to tune in for the show performance or just to spot the Super Bowl commercials.

Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, The Biggest To Be?

Coldplay Super Bowl

Taken from:

The Super Bowl 50 halftime show in 2016 is said to be one of the most memorable ones in history as the date marks a very special anniversary, and the NFL isn’t holding back on resources.

Coldplay has been finally confirmed to host the main event but a long list of possible side performers has also been announced. From those only Rihanna has been confirmed to be singing alongside Coldplay, the rest are only possible candidates for now. But bet there will be no less than 5 performers during the halftime show.

According to Billboard Magazine Beyonce holds the 5th place for the best Super Bowl Halftime Show [1] of all times. In the list features the legendary Michael Jackson, Madonna, Janet Jackson and her infamous nipple, and as number one the enigmatic Prince.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Prop Bets

American sport gamblers are avid for prop bets, and the Super Bowl is the main event for those type of bets. Prop bets began as silly wagers taken between friends in home Super Bowl parties. The mother of all prop bets is the “Coin Toss”, how will it land? Tail or Heads? Most American sportsbooks offer this prop bet year after year.

However, the halftime show gathers a ton of weird prop bets, from who will be the surprise star appearances alongside Coldplay or the color of the dress Rihanna will wear to the songs that will be performed. Each sportsbook decides what prop bet to offer, for the best prop bets open an account with an American sportsbook, European sportsbooks are not that crazy for them, although they might offer the Coin Toss.

Place a Bet for the Super Bowl and the Halftime Show

If you wish to place a Super Bowl bet for the 2016 edition, enjoy these special offers Sportsbooks offering. Take the 100% first deposit offers, extra cash and more giveaways opening an account with the following betting sites.

Tickets for the Super Bowl

Purchase a ticket now online to watch the best Super Bowl Halftime performance. If you have never been there, this is the year to go.

Super Bowl Parties and Events

Super Bowl Halftime Show

There is a lot more to the Super Bowl than the game, commercials and the Halftime Show. If you are going to San Francisco this year, be sure to attend one of the many Super Bowl parties that will be happening just before the game day.

Playboy usually hosts a smashing party with the sexy playmates mingling with the main crowd.

The Rolling Stones Magazine holds the crown for the best Super Bowl party with record attendances of over 150,000 people.

Or you can attend food events like the Taste of the NFL or other close by super sport attractions. Metallica is also said to be playing the 6th for CBS exclusively. The Opening Night is an event the public can now attend for a very cheap entrance ticket, watch the players be interviewed by the media from the stands.

DirecTV is also hosting a series of live audience programs and tickets are on sale now. Reserve your spot for any of these events, there are ticket options for everyone.

Check out the full list of events around the Super Bowl and San Francisco.

Super Bowl Hotels

Find a hotel near the Super Bowl or seek for cheap tickets on nearby cities.

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