What is Super Bowl money line betting? Only one of the easiest betting types to understand, most popular, and simplest sports bets out there at the sportsbooks. It is a single-type or straight-type bet that allows even the most hesitant novice to place some money on the game, and it should be the bet he/she starts with – usually. What is more, it can be done in any sport and for any game during any season. If you are just starting your sports betting education, this is a good place to start.

So, let us say your pals at the office are talking around the water cooler one day and they have got a mind to bet on and watch the football game on Monday night. Maybe online betting is not your style but one of the teams represents your hometown, or it is a big rivalry and you are pretty sure which of the two football teams will win. If you are right, you get to prove your pals wrong and they will buy lunches for a week… Awesome.

Now you have got to go to an online sportsbook and place your bet. You are going to see a lot of options, all you want to do is place a bet on one team to win. Pick the money line bet; that is what it is. That is all it is. You risk a certain amount of money based on the posted odds for one football team to win. If they do not win, you lose. If they do win, you profit.

Now something about those sport odds. Sportsbooks hold the power when it comes to the betting odds listed for a team to win. Usually there is a team noted as the favorite and one noted as the underdog. Usually you would have better luck risking more on the favorite team than the underdog because more people are betting on the favorite and you are more likely to win there (not always the case, and you do not win a whole lot either). Here is how it works:

Bengals vs. Lions

Lions to win (-110)

Bengals to win (+200)

This means the Lions are the favorite due to the negative sign beside the number, and the Bengals are the underdogs. In order to win $100 betting the Lions, you have got to wager $110 on the Lions. If you bet $100 on the Bengals, then you win $200. This means that a bet and win for the Lions will give you $220 ($100 + $110) and a Bengals bet with a win will net you $300 ($100 + $200) – see what we mean with favorites will not pay a whole lot? But then again, they are the favorites and most likely to win the sporting match.

Of course those odds are based on $100 winnings and bets. American odds are always based on that initial scale. You can bet more or less and recalculate your winnings accordingly. Online sportsbooks usually have calculators that allow you to input the money you want to wager and deliver the payout based on the sports odds listed next to the teams. That way you do not have to do the work yourself.

If you happen to win your bet and want to continue to make money lines, there are a couple of things to consider. Betting on the favorite teams will give you more wins, but less of a payout per bet as mentioned above. Betting on the underdog will theoretically give you fewer wins, but a whole lot more money – again as seen above. If you want to have an overall winning season, you need to adjust the amount you bet, to avoid net losses. Overall, you are likely to win more money betting conservatively on the favorites than you are to take big risks on the underdogs – so be sure to bet smart, and keep-up with the football season to know who is looking more in shape to win (without always relying on the sportsbooks to do the job for you), and make your Super Bowl money line bet!


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