It is that time of year again. Every football fans favorite time is the Super Bowl. It is the biggest “holiday” of sport and is where more bets are placed than on any other day in the NFL season. It is not just the game, it is so much more.

The Super Bowl in the US also means the party, good company, all largely done at super bowl parties at private residences in cities across the US. From New York where their team, the Giants will be playing, to Los Angeles where Giants fans who have moved to the west coast get together to cheer on their team and or bet online here.

Now, the party has to out-do last year’s soiree. Come on, that is just a hard and fast rule! Here are some great Super Bowl party ideas for your Super Bowl party this year.

Putting “pretzels and beer” on the coffee table is just plain boring and is not going to have people ranting and raving about your party for years to come. You have to have a wide variety of good drinks and food available to your guests.

A punch bowl is great to start any Super Bowl party. There are literally hundreds of punches you could use such as:

  • Linebacker Limeade
  • Bourbon Punch Recipe
  • Boston Punch
  • Long Island Iced Tea Punch.

You can mix up punch with anything from Vodka & wine with fruit, to Gin & Juice, and many more. Be creative and even