Super Bowl 50 prop bets

Super Bowl 50 is soon to come and that means tons of prop bets that go from the typical exotic over/under to the really strange and bizarre prepositions, will Manning retire to become a Hollywood actor? And if you think he will do so with a poem then get ready to multiply your stake to 100.  Cam Newton stands second to the player with the most prop bets, on his behalf sportsbooks have decided to offer an over/under of how many towels he will have over his body and the number of jumps during celebrations. A very silly one is how much time will the camera hold hill smiling, which can actually happen if he wins the Super Bowl and holds a lengthy interview.

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Our personal picks go with the under 2.5 number of towels Cam Newton will hold over his body, why would be need more?  Also under considerations are Manning’s retirement plans, if he really is saying goodbye to football. We think it is very probable commercial contracts will find their way to way, like hosting the next Super Bowl show with the media or appearing in any TV program. Will he become a rapper with his brother? Not one of our favorites, but for 120/1 odds it wouldn’t hurt to place a small bet. Chances of Manning appearing in a TV Pilot are not entirely impossible, for odds of 100/1 it sounds like a giveaway.

Here are some of the best prop bets sportsbooks are offering (most are found on US friendly sportsbooks).

Super Bowl Winner Prediction

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Carolina Panthers begin as strong favorites to win after their bashing during the playoffs. The Broncos have the Manning, but on one of his recent appearances in this event he wasn’t that inspired.

  • Odds for Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl 50 10/21
  • Odds for the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl 7/4

Something tells us that although the Panthers look strong and confident the Broncos can keep the game in tight ends. Nonetheless, it’s your call. We rather look to the Over/Under side of bets.

Best Peyton Manning Prop Bets for the Super Bowl

  • Over/under for passing yards of 218.5 (facing the Panthers the under sounds like the best option).
  • TDs over/under: 1
  • Omaha callas over/under 7.5
  • Overthrows over/under 2.5

Peyton Manning Retirement Prop Bets

  • Will this be Manning’s last NFL game, Yes 1/9

There are a lot of rumors circling around his retirement, but the player hasn’t really announced anything yet. Many sportsbooks offer plenty of bets giving it as a fact. However this leaked video presented by Sports Yahoo shows Manning secretly talking to his coach during the Playoff celebration about this being “his last rodeo” [1]. Manning is 39 and his aptitudes at the game have been falling for the past seasons, retiring after the Super Bowl sounds like an excellent idea.

  • Odds Manning announces his retirement before the Super Bowl 12/1

Great odds for a very good reason. When Ray Lewis announced his retirement previous to the Super Bowl the Baltimore Ravens used that information as motivation, and won. Manning will not announced his retirement until after the Big Game.

  • Odds Manning announces his retirement during the post-game conference 2/1

This bet is highly likely, it will be the time were he gets the most attention, he had a chance of talking with his teammates and coach about it. The game is over and everyone needs to know to design contracts and deals, and because he will be demanded by the media to spill the word during this precise press conference. At odds of 2/1 this could be one of the best Super Bowl prop bets and we are definitely taking it.

  • Odds Peyton Manning announces his retirement during the Players Tribune 24/1
  • Odds Manning writes a poem for his retirement speech 100/1

We really doubt it, but if you are a strong believer in a poet cowboys, go ahead.

  • Peyton Manning will be part of an NFL broadcast next season 7/1

A very probable outcome if you are already giving it a go to the retirement plan. Great odds, we would take it.

  • Manning becomes a broadcaster or analyst in 2016 up to the Super Bowl 7/1

Another highly probable prop bet at great odds.

  • Manning becomes an NFL coach 15/1

Not just yet maybe, he needs to study first to become one, work side by side someone like Bill Belichick.

  • Manning will become a college coach 33/1

We do not see it happening either, he might be involved in some program. Manning will most likely rest for a couple of years.

  • Manning will become an actor and make a movie 50/1

The odds are tempting and not to be overlooked. Manning will receive tons of commercial offers, picture him in a kids comedy film, like those Ice Cube used to do. Michael Jordan did Space Jam, why can’t many feature in one? A bet for your consideration.

  • Manning is invited constantly to the Saturday Night Show 70/1

We see this as fairly probable, why the huge odds? Not precisely our favorite bet, but tempting for the odds. How exactly is this prop bet measured? What number of  invitations is “constant” or “occasional”.

  • Manning get a show in Broadway 80/1

Never before heard of the sort.

  • Manning becomes a entrepreneur and raises his own company 90/1

Could be, but next year the Manning will do nothing but rest and make public appearances.

Manning Prop bets

  • Manning will be invited to appear on a pilot episode of a new TV series 100/1.

Fairly possible, commercial contracts will be pouring next year for Peyton Manning, easy grab cash from commercials, branding and other means. Show starring could be one of those offers. Prop bet to consider.

  • Manning will make an rap album with his brother Eli 120/1.

Interesting odds, but Manning is old and a family guy with two small kids, he does not strike as an Eminem guy.

  • Manning buys an NFL team 300/1

Not sure he has the cash for it.

But if you believe Manning will not Retire…

  • Manning will leave the Broncos for another team 1/13.

For those odds, better to believe Manning is retiring.

If he retires, which team do you think he will play with next season:

  • Broncos 1/6
  • New York Jets 15/1
  • LA Rams 20/1
  • Indianapolis Colts 25/1
  • Toronto Argonauts 100/1

Best bet would be he stays with the Broncos for another season.

Cam Newton Has His Own Set of Prop Bets

Cam Newton Prop Bet

Peyton Manning has the sports betting world crazy as usual, but Cam Newton is still one of the most favorite players of Super Bowl 2016.

  • Over/under jump celebrations during the Super Bowl by Cam Newton 4

If you are expecting the Panthers to win, then the over is a sure bet.

  • Over/under rushing yards of 40.5
  • Over/under passing yards of 245.5
  • Over/under total TDs of 2.5

Once more, if you are expecting the Panthers to be the super favorites and win, the over should be highly considered.

  • Cam Newton will have Over/under 2.5 towels over his body during the game.

We don’t see why anyone would hold more than two towels, take the under.

  • Over/under number of Super Bowl appearances throughout his entire career: 3
  • Camera time smiling over/under 3 minutes.

Very likely he will be smiling on camera for a long time is the Panthers win.

Other Super Bowl Events and Parties

If you are planning on being in San Francisco for the Super Bowl, or not precisely for the Big Game, then we suggest you consider these other options. From a Playboy Party to all you can eat NFL recipes at the Taste of the NFL, you can find events here for all types of prices.

More Super Bowl Prop Bets…

Most prop bets are over/under types of betting. After straight bets on the winner, parlays and money lines, over/under are a growing type of bet most taken by online bettors.

  • Over/Under the final score 45.5

The best offense against the best defense, still the Broncos need to get aggressive and move the core board. We go for the over.

  • Over/under of the first quarter 9.5

The game can begin a little shy, this might be an under bet.

  • Half Time over/under 22.5

Take the over, players are more capable during the first half.

  • Odds on the Super Bowl going over time 7/1

Unlikely, most punters are betting on a clean win by the Panthers.

  • Odds that the Super Bowl winner will play the Big Game once more in 2017, 7/3

With those odds, this bet does not interest us. It is a long future bet, so you would be like giving away your money for an entire year.

Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos Prop Bets

Team that creates most turnovers:

  • Carolina Panthers 5/7
  • Denver Broncos 11/10

Team that will score a defense TD:

  • Carolina Panthers 2/1
  • Denver Broncos 8/3

A kicker misses an extra point:

  • Graham Gano 19/1
  • Brandon McManus 25/1

Which team will receive the most sacks:

  • Denver Broncos 2/3
  • Carolina Panthers 6/5

Everything seems served for the Panthers, at least the sportsbooks have it clear.

  • Over/under total sacks is 4.5
  • Over/under total turnovers 3

MVP Prop Bets

MVP prop bet

The MVP award is given to the best player of the game, since the Super Bowl is one of the biggest competitions in the world, players take it very seriously to win this award. Peyton Manning has won it 2 times in his career, but his game stats are not what they used to be, so it is a bit surprising to find him on the top table. There is a chance he will be awarded some type of recognition for being of the greatest NFL legends, but not the MVP.

Cam Newton on the other hand stands as everyone favorite to win the award, and we agree. So who will win the MVP for Super Bowl 50?

  • Cam Newton 8/11
  • Peyton Manning 4/1
  • Jonathan Stewart 12/1
  • Von Miller 18/1
  • Luke Kuechly 18/1
  • Greg Olsen 22/1
  • Emmanuel Sanders 22/1
  • Demaryius Thomas 25/1
  • Josh Norman 28/1
  • J. Anderson 28/1
  • DeMarcus Ware 35/1
  • Ted Ginn Jr. 40/1
  • Aqib Talib 60/1
  • Owen Daniels 80/1

That’s about it for Super Bowl 50 prop bets, make sure to visit any of our recommended sportsbooks for betting on the Super Bowl. You can find insightful reviews for each.

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