One of the most common vocab words you will come across in super bowl betting research is “sportsbook”, “bookmakers”, and “betting shop”. Simply put, a sportsbook is a place where you can place a bet. An online sportsbook is just as it sounds; a place where you can place a bet via the Internet.

US Friendly Sporsbooks

US friendly sportsbooks

Sportsbooks have been around for millennia. In the 21st century, in the United States, legal brick and mortar sportsbooks all operate out of Las Vegas. There are roughly 150 of them licensed. The problem with that is the US does not authorize or license sportsbooks outside of Nevada.

What is a guy in Minneapolis supposed to do? One of his options is to go online, at a site like Bovada, where the legality of placing a bet is still relatively up in the air as the Supreme Court has yet to rule on its interpretation of online gambling via the 1961 Wire Act [1] (a law that tries to prevent illegal gambling) – hence, there we have US friendly sportsbooks, like BetOnline, for you.

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These are three of American favorite sportsbooks:

International Friendly Sportsbooks

Outside of the United States most UK and European based sportsbooks are accepted all over around the world. If you are from Latin America, Europe, the UK, Africa or Asia, these three top class sportsbooks are highly recommended:

How Do Sportsbooks Set the Odds?

In general, the sportsbook offers a set of odds on a specific matchup. One team will be favored to win, the other favored to lose. Those who bet on the expected winner, known as the favorite, take home a smaller profit on their wager, rather than those who bet on the expected loser, also known as the underdog. This is a reflection of one of life’s golden rules: Greater risk equals greater reward.

Sportsbooks always get their cut. They balance the odds in a way that ensures they will earn a profit regardless of the outcome of the game. This does not mean they are not doing business fairly. It is an accepted practice; successful bettors still make their money. Plus, sites like SportsInteraction know the odds up front and their potential payout before they make a Superbowl bet.

There was a time when sportsbooks all got their odds from one source, until that source folded. Today sportsbooks get odds from other sportsbooks or professional agencies that provide them,  but mostly it is the market, the demand for a certain bet that shifts the odds up and down as the public believes an outome is more favorable as events occur.

While there is no uniform formula for coming up with the odds of a game, basic factors like team historical performance, stats of individual players, injuries, how many bets are being placed, and the weather all play a part in determining a team’s given odds of winning.

Today, the convenience of the Internet usually ensures some uniformity among the best online sportsbooks and their listed odds. If you have a bit to learn about how to read the odds, go ahead and peruse our article on American Odds, you will be enlightened. We will wait.

Online Sportsbooks vs Las Vegas

Betting Online vs Las Vegas

There are some advantages that online sportsbooks offer aside from the convenience of not having to leave your house. Because an online sportsbook can take a lot more bets and transactions as oppose to those brick and mortar types in Las vegas, they usually have a lower vig per bet, which means that you will get a higher profit on your wager. They also provide bonus incentives for using their service that the Vegas Bookmakers do not offer.

Choosing a specific sportsbook is a personal choice, and the process is not too different from other choices you make about where to spend your money. Ask personal friends for recommendations if you know anyone who already uses them. Compare odds listings, bonus offerings and the terms and conditions of how they deliver your winnings. Luckily, we have done all this already for the online sportsbooks promoted here, so feel free and safe to bet on them whenever – just click through the links offered here to get their bonuses too.

When it comes to customer service, legality and fair dealing, not all sportsbooks are created equal. There are some that are considered above all the others in the world of online sportsbooks.

Thankfully for you, we already researched this, and hence, provided the best online sportsbooks listed here. Why head over to another source when we have got all the information you need on the most highly used online sportsbooks, reviews and all.

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