sportsinteraction Sports Interaction is the first online sportsbook licensed and regulated in North America. It is regulated by the Kanhawake Gaming Commission, which according to them guarantees a gold standard in online gaming. The site began in 1997, runs out of Canada and “has been the number one choice in the online gambling market for over 10 years.” That quote also came from their site, and might be slightly stretching the truth. However, that is for you to ultimately be the judge of.

Sports Interaction Super Bowl Bets

If you’re looking for a place to see all possible bets including spreads and lines on one clean dashboard, look no further. With Sports Interaction, you can see the spread, money line, Over/Under, Half bets, Team Totals, Alternate Spreads and a score of prop bets all in one convenient place.

Any super bowl bets you want to make are just a click away.

Put your mouth where your money is!

You can also engage an interactive user community to discuss betting strategies, see what others are betting on and share your opinions with the Sports Interaction user community.

Opinions vs. $

Sports Interaction also shows a quantitative analysis of user predictions vs. where people are actually placing their wagers (HINT: NY Giants fans may be more vocal, but when the money comes down, more people are betting on the Patriots).

And if you want to learn the basics, they also have a Super Bowl betting guide that clearly explains how the wagers work.

Sports Interaction User-Friendly/Variety

The home page of Sports Interaction is not going to get you excited in a visual way. It does not look cool or sexy and is basic looking. Just so, there is a lot of information that is easy to get to and, overall, is easy to use. Anyone who knows how to use basic software and click on a hyperlink will be able to figure this out. The variety of sports betting options is truly impressive. If you have got a mind to bet on soccer and rugby along with a basketball and baseball game, you can do so at Sports Interaction sportsbook. You can also choose between a variety of exotic and futures bets. Tired of betting on sports? Click on their games and casino tab for a different sort of money wager. If you are into poker they have got that too.

Sports Interaction Customer Service

Customer service at Sports Interaction is good, but not great. They have a phone and live chat option available 24/7 and the operators are friendly enough, but it can take some time to get someone on the live chat option. If you have a problem, you might want to schedule some time to get help if you are waiting online. Otherwise, their FAQ section is fairly comprehensive and you can always give them a ring, hoping they will pick up quickly.

Sports Interaction Bonuses/Banking

One of the main sticking points that give Sports Interaction less than a perfect review score is a historical lack of bonuses. But they seem to be improving on that point, offering a 100% sign-up bonus on their poker game. They do not have a loyalty program, which would help their business and keep you playing at their site. Perhaps that is not a detriment to you, but is to them. Their banking methods and options are fairly standard. You will not be impressed or disappointed if you are acquainted with the online betting world. Major credit/debit cards are accepted as well as several wire transfer services, and good old fashioned check (for withdraws).

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Early on there were definitely issues here regarding the quality of customer service and a lack of bonuses. Apparently, there was a particular problem with payout glitches and they were slow in doling out their payouts. To be fair, there was never an issue with missed payments, just the speed with which they were received. As stated previously, bonuses were lacking in the beginning and there is no sort of loyalty program. The good news is they have been improving on those points and seem to be committed to being competitive in their market, which means that overall you will get a higher quality betting experience. Their rep is not perfectly untarnished by it’s good enough now for a recommendation and shows signs of getting better.