Super Bowl 46

While the teams on the field for Super Bowl 46 have yet to be decided and the playoff games are still ahead, there is plenty to know about what is going to happen not on the day of the biggest, most-watched sporting event of the year, but the events leading up to that day as well.

It is anyone’s guess who is going to go home with the trophy, or who will be taking the field on February 5th, 2012. But the field itself is decided as is the plan of attack for its hosting city, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Lucas Oil Stadium is the home of the Indianapolis colts and the 2012 Super bowl. This behemoth of a venue is located in an uncharacteristically cold state, for the Super bowl that is. Typically they are held in places like Florida and Texas. Though Indianapolis gets chilly come February they have a way to keep the fans warm both in and outside of the stadium. The retractable roof will protect ticket-holders from inclement weather and just outside of the stadium will be warming centers up and down the street. But that is not all.

Indianapolis and the football stadium are hosting a variety of entertainment experiences they like to call Super Bowl village. For 10 days, there will be free outdoor concerts featuring dozens of bands, a zip line, ice sculpture, food, drink and a 360-ft inflatable dome that has interactive videos. A special tailgate area is going to be provided where tailgating competitions will be held along with interactive games. ESPN is going to be there interviewing sports celebs and providing live coverage the week leading up to the Super Bowl and you can’t miss the enormous, monolithic Super Bowl Roman numerals that will be displayed in the square.

On January 31st the stadium is holding a first ever Media Day. Ticket-holders for the event will be able to watch the media interview members of the teams on the field; they will be able to watch the teams take their official photo in uniform and they will be presented with gift bags. In addition, they will be able to buy the concession wares in the stadium.

Between January 23rd and February 7th a special tour of behind-the-scenes Super Bowl 46 preparation will be held. Fans can walk on the field and get to see both teams’ locker rooms and the media workroom.

Not going to be at the game? Do not sweat it. You have more ways to watch than ever before. Of course there is going to be the traditional bar scene and you will have your pick of friend’s parties at their homes – most likely. But if you can’t spare your undivided attention for the full three plus hours of game time, you can stream it live on your computer or your smart phone.

And if you have a reluctant sports fan who happens to also like Madonna (and really who does not like at least one of her 30 million songs?), entice them to watch the super bowl half-time show; she will be the headlining act – maybe. According to news sources it is supposed to be a doosey of a show. She collaborated with the Cirque du Soleil people for an all-out performance replete with over-the-top sets for this fantastic Super Bowl 46 in 2012.