Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

In one sentence, Beyoncé Rules and Coldplay does not. When Coldplay was announced as Super Bowl 50 main act fans were thrilled, and it couldn’t be for less since Coldplay has been the most successful guitar-indie band in the past decade achieving commercial heights. But it may be only Americans know how to throw an Americana show like the Super Bowl, mainly, Coldplay´s band members didn’t seem to have the stage dance skill that Beyoncé and Bruno Mars displayed. No biggie, Beyoncé saved the night and all those who were watching were not disappointing.

Coldplay should’ve joined Cam Newton in that bench by the end of the Super Bowl.

Coldplay at the Super Bowl – 6 out 10 stars

Coldplay opened the show with “Viva La Vida” and several other of their best songs, the first, an anthem played by Barcelona’s coach Pep Guardiola before every game to cheer-up the team (and they won everything during those seasons).

We won that halftime prop bet, but failed to anticipate Beyoncé all black outfit. Which was an easy bet.

The mandala-flowery stage everyone saw during the Halftime Show was supposed to emulate the Glastonbury Festival from past times, the kinds dressed in flower customs gave more of that hippie style to the stage, which did not fully convince the audience that were expecting a lot more from a Super Bowl anniversary.

After Viva La Vida other hits were played like “Paradise” and “Adventure of a Lifetime”. During the entire presentation all that Coldplay did was take selfies with teenagers lucky enough to be down by the stage, didn’t anyone teach them how to dance?

It was Bruno Mars and Beyoncé who would save the night in a musical and dancing confrontation.

Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl, the Unexpected – 9 out of 10 Stars

Bruno Mars Halftime Show

Early in November 2015 it was rumored Bruno Mars would host the Super Bowl once again, after doing so in 2013. His past show was indeed one of the best and he knows how to control the stage with dancing performances. Little news was given if Bruno Mars would appear on this Super Bowl while most of the attention was on Coldplay and Beyoncé performing together, everyone forgot about Bruno Mars and he was indeed a welcomed surprise.

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars pushed aside the sad performance by Coldplay playing in a furious rhythm with crazy dance moves. His style regained control of the crowd and that supreme awe the Super Bowl boasts on everything it does.

Their show has been catalogued as “OK”, but that is only for what came next with Queen B, Beyoncé.

Beyoncé at the Super Bowl, Stole the Show – 10 out of 10 Stars

Beyoncé Halftime Show

And then the Queen B happened, and there was light!

More than light actually, the crowd and all those 1 billion TV viewers around the world regained that respect for the Super Bowl halftime show once Beyoncé hit the stage. A show that breaks rating records more than the game itself, needs to over deliver every time.

Beyoncé hit the stage in an explosion of fireworks with an army of Afro-American dancers dressed in black leathers and gold straps, remembering Michael Jackson’s Super Bowl past performance.

She sang one of her newest songs just released one day before, “Formation”, a risky choice that turned out very effective since it surprised everyone. The lyrics might just well be some of the most political ever “My daddy Alabama, momma Louisiana / You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bamma / I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros / I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils”. But the crowd mainly has time to digest the excessive rapid twerking and dance battle she performed against Bruno Mars’s dancers.

While Coldplay recalled some hippy years from the UK with some peaceful notes and act, Beyoncé displayed some powerful commanding performance claiming her ancestral rights with defiance, with dancers dressed as the “Black Panthers”, a terrorist afro American group from the 70’s that rivaled the KKK. Somehow this does not match-up, and Queen B ended up shadowing Coldplay in the stage as a side performed.

The game on the background was a similar outcome, nobody could have anticipated both quarterbacks would fail utterly and shame themselves, while defense stole the show from their hands quite literally. Check Out our Super Bowl 50 game review for the highlights.

The act ended in a fusion between all three singers singing “Uptown Funk”, (oh! There is Coldplay again! Everyone had forgotten about them) walking together trying to recall a past Super Bowl memory of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and James Brown.

The show ended with sections of the stadium holding color cards spelling “Believe in Love”.

Lady Gaga National Anthem, Hunger Games Meme? – 9 out of 10 stars

Let’s not forget the fashion driven diva Lady Gaga and her performance singing the National Anthem before the game. Some prop bet gamblers are furious for Bovada´s reaction by claiming the Under in the total time she took to sing the National Anthem, while other she clearly overextended the anthem to the Over bet, which most other sportsbooks paid out.

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