Super Bowl Tickets

Have $20,000 for a Super Bowl ticket right next to the field? If so, a month before the game is a good time to buy. The cheapest tickets available as of January for Super Bowl XLVI (46 in 2012) are about $2,500. They go up from there to $4,000 and then $6,000, you get the idea. The closer to the field, the more the super bowl tickets cost, like any other game. If you are asking yourself why dear heaven and earth do they have to be so expensive? It goes back to E-comm 101 and simple supply and demand theory.

Lots of people want to go to the Super Bowl, way more than there are tickets available. Sure, all of the biggest, sexiest stadiums in the country get to take turns hosting the biggest game in the country, but that does not mean their seating is unlimited.

Another snag to the Super Bowl ticket price equation is how they are given out. A lot of people think it is like going to buy a ticket for your favorite band that is coming in to town for the weekend. You buy tickets from a vendor who is selling them on behalf of the venue itself and the band, based on capacity. Not so with the Super Bowl.

Fact is, the majority of available tickets are given out to the two participating teams. They, their family, and best friends (lucky dogs), get dibs. Next, a sizable portion of tickets are given out to the rest of the NFL players and employees. And then–only then– through a random drawing can regular people buy tickets; and then only two at a time. And they have to put their names in the drawing to buy a year in advance. No joke. The NFL does not sell tickets to ticket agents, travel agents, or directly to the general public.

So, let us say you do have a couple grand and want to sit in the nose bleed section, but missed the drawing, is there any recourse? Yes. Those people who get tickets a year ahead of time, well they realize it is an investment and they sell them. Our recommended Super Bowl ticket websites set up an exchange where people who have official tickets can put them up for sale on their site. Of course they need to make something from the deal too, which jacks the price up higher. Craigslist and eBay are a little bit less reliable, but you can be sure people will be auctioning off and selling tickets through those sites as well – maybe.

To make sure you are getting real super bowl tickets, go ahead and look up images of the Super Bowl 2012 game tickets before you get yours in the mail. Find as detailed a picture as possible. When you get tickets in your hand, make sure they are nice and glossy, include holograms, and have custom laser cutouts. These are all security measures the NFL takes to put off counterfeiters.

Your safest bet to knowing about legit tickets is through the official NFL site; for more info you can go to The truth is that someone could be selling real tickets through another site that are actually stolen. If the person who lost their tickets reports them as stolen and you try to use them at the gate, you are not getting into the game and like Lucy, will have some explaining to do.

This is why we have taken the liberty of researching reputable ticket sites where you can buy your Super Bowl tickets!