Have an extra $20k to buy resale tickets right next to the field? If that is not the price you want to pay to buy Super Bowl tickets, then we suggest to purchase them early. Is it already a few days before the game? Well, there is another option, authorized third party re-sellers online. Here we review three of them that are offering Super Bowl 2016 Tickets right now on all seats and packages, but they only got a few per venue, so be quick and secure yours.

Super Bowl Tickets

Price Range: $3,555 to $13,320

How to Claim: A specified location near the Levi’s Stadium. Take your ID and receipt.

Payment Options: Credit Card only.

Extra Fees: $15 pickup near the event.

Get your Super Bowl Ticket from Ticket Network Now

Ticket Network has been around for a while and this is our event ticket re-seller of choice. They always have tickets available for every top selling event in the United States, and they are cheaper than its competitors. Ticket Network has also been included in the “Top 10 Re-Sellers List” from many reputable review websites.

Super Bowl tickets start as low as $3,555 on the highest levels and rise steadily to $13,320 for lower seats as of this writing. Prices might increase as the days go by and demand rises. Ticket Network has seats available almost on all venues, in their page simply place the mouse arrow over the ticket you desire and the stadium seating map will highlight the exact seating place. Most options are just for 1 or 4 tickets per seat option, so hurry!

*An insurance is offered in the purchasing process, make sure it is not highlighted when you buy the ticket, unless you want it.

Ticket Liquidator

Super Bowl Tickets

Price Range: $3,555 to $13,320

How to Claim: A specified location near the Levi’s Stadium. Take your ID and receipt.

Payment Options: Credit Cards

Extra Fees: $15 local pickup fees.

Get your Super Bowl Ticket from Ticket Liquidator Now

Ticket Liquidator is our second choice when it comes to purchasing online tickets. The site is trusted but it adds extra fees to ticket shipping (when not available for print) and other.

Ticket prices begin at $3,555 for the highest seats and rise all the way to $13,320, so you will find similar ticket prices than on Ticket Network. Ticket Liquidator only has from 1 to 4 tickets max for each seating option.

*An insurance is offered in the purchasing process, make sure it is not highlighted when you buy the ticket, unless you want it.

Box Office Ticket Sales

Super Bowl Tickets

Price Range: $3,555 to $13,320

How to Claim: A specified location near the Levi’s Stadium. Take your ID and receipt.

Payment Options: Credit Cards

Extra Fees: $15 pickup fees, an extra $1k for service fee.

Get your Super Bowl Ticket from Box Office Ticket Sales Now

Box Office Ticket Sales is our third option to buy Super Bowl Tickets. Their service is premium but being in the back of the food chain in the re-seller market means higher prices for Super Bowl tickets.

The lowest ticket price is $3,832 and the highest $14,355, and then they will charge an additional 1k for service fees (website maintenance and such) yikes! Unless you want to pay such a steep price for a Super Bowl 216 ticket, we suggest you hurry and secure one with the two first options. As with the other two, just scroll the mouse over the seating map to select your seats, availability is scarce and mostly 1 ticket per seat venue.

How to Buy Super Bowl Tickets in 5 Steps

To buy your Super Bowl tickets from these re-sellers is easy.

1. Link to their site following our Buy Now links.

2. You will land right at the Super Bowl ticket area, scroll down the available tickets with the mouse over ticket option, watch how the area on the seating map that highlights. Select the quantity and press “buy”.

3. On the checkout page provide your email.

4. Enter your personal and credit card information. Be sure to review you are not being charged any extra fees like high insurance costs. Also, review when the tickets will be ready, this info appears near the final checkout button.

5. Buy and wait for confirmation. Read email instructions as to how to pick up your tickets. Print your receipt and take it to the Super Bowl pickup location just in case.

Why Are Super Bowl Tickets So Expensive?

Super Bowl tickets are expensive due to high demand over the years. The event has become so popular that people who do not even watch or understand the NFL pay big money to attend from different parts of the world. The Super Bowl ranks just below the World Cup and Euro Cup Finals in TV viewership. Official prices begin just above $500 dollars.

To claim Super Bowl tickets at official prices (below 1k) you need to be a super fan from one of the team finalists or an NFL super fan in general. The NFL has a special process for diehard fans to buy Super Bowl tickets at official prices, but it requires registration 6 months before the event were participants to win the chance to buy a Super Bowl ticket at official prices are selected through a draw. We go in depth into this process of buying a Super Bowl ticket the official way on another section, so check that out for the next time you want to attend the Super Bowl.

In 2012 Super Bowl street re-seller tickets got up to $20,000 dollars, for 2016 expect tickets to be above the $30,000 threshold.

I Can´t Buy a Super Bowl Ticket, What Other Cool Events Are There Surrounding the Event?

Are the prices for the Super Bowl too steep for you? If you still want to visit San Francisco or other future Super Bowl host cities there are tons of Super Bowl related events going around on the week prior to the game, you can even purchase Opening Night tickets for the Super Bowl or attend one of the many parties nearby.

Events around the Super Bowl:

Super Bowl Tickets

  • Super Bowl Opening Night Tickets – The opening night takes place on February 1. Re-sellers have few tickets left, so claim your now.
  • Super Bowl Packages – Find more ticket options and entrances for various events, including hotels. Packages can be your bets option if you are planning on a tour around the San Francisco area. Buy your tickets now, these ones are the fastest to go.
  • DIRECTV Super Thursday night Live – This event takes place in San Francisco and hosts the Dave Matthews Band live. To be amongst the viewers make an early registration.
  • DIRECTV Super Saturday Night Live – This event takes places in San Francisco and is Super Bowl themed. If you want to attend as one of the “laughing viewers” hurry and make your registration.
  • Pepsi Friday Night Live with Pharrel Williams – Pharrel Williams will be hosting the Friday Night Live, just before the Super Bowl weekend. Be on the stands, reserve your ticket right now.
  • Rolling Stones Super Bowl Party – The Rolling Stones is throwing one spectacular party just before the Super Bowl. Stars and celebrities are expected to attend amongst many LA VIP´s. You can be there by purchasing one of the many ticket options.
  • Playboy Super Bowl Party – The Rolling Stones or Playboy? Tuff choice that one. If you prefer sexy, busted blonds over rock stars, then stick to this party invitation. There are ticket prices on all levels, so secure yours now.
  • Monster Energy Super Cross 2016 – How about attending another top sports event while at the Super Bowl? Monster Energy will be hosting an impressive monster truck mega show near San Francisco around the Super Bowl date. Buy your tickets now.
  • Taste of the NFL – Are you a food loving person? This event is all about satisfying your palate with meaty recipes that American culture has developed over the years. All you can eat tickets just before the game day. Enjoy your trip to San Francisco like no other.

Hotels near the Super Bowl

You will need a hotel and you need one now. To help you out here are a few options from hotels.com and our ticket providers in the areas of San Francisco, Santa Clara and San Jose. All nearby cities of the Super Bowl 2016.